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Sourcing home decor treasures, exploring soulful living, adding style & flavour to meaningful moments and creating nurturing self care rituals, is our ♡ BLISS!

MAISON BLISS N°17 loves the morning BLISS, as it presents new beginnings and new chances. It is a moment when birds start to sing, and when everything comes to live. Yet at the same time, it is a moment of peace, calmness and awareness. It is the morning spirit, that captures the soul of our concept best. It is how we embrace life, with gratitude, joy and excitement for everything that is beautiful, authentic & undiscovered!

We love making the lives and homes of mindful souls more beautiful, joyful and authentic by sparkling our BLISS. Get inspired by our BLISS lifestyle and shop our soulful BLISS collection with authentic Home Decor treasure, Lovely Details and enriching Self Care essentials. Our products and services support local businesses, are handmade with love and reflect the beauty of Humanity, Nature and ancient History.

Our concept is SLOW and we value personal attention!

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Looking for a Unique Item you don't find in our online store? We help you find it! Need help with your Styling? Get in touch for FREE Personal Shopping advice! Working on a project? Ask for a quote on demand! Want to personally share your BLISS or have a meaningful conversation about Soulful Living? Let's have a virtual BLISS ♡ coffee together!

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A home filled with BLISS...

A home filled with BLISS...

"Style is created from the ♡ heart and beauty is perceived in what connects with the soul." - Founder MAISON BLISS N°17

We embrace the unknown and the journey. Life is about taking risks and exploring, about feeling and sharing. It is where we will find our true selves, our BLISS. Only when we dare to walk this journey, we will find what truly connects with our Soul. And it is only then, that one can create a beautiful soothing living place which truly feels like home. A home that breathes Intimacy, Calmness and Personality. A home filled with BLISS!

Our BLISS...

MAISON BLISS N°17 is our Home, our Sparkle, our BLISS! A true reflection of our Soul and our Journey. It is pure, joyful and versatile, created from the ♡ heart. A precious flower that came to blossom in our beautiful garden. Its a celebration of life, gracefully valuing the old and enthusiastically welcoming the new! Each step of the way, each product and each word written, is selected with care and has special meaning.

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Our souls come to life through meaningful connections with humans, nature and the core of our own being. We believe in the power of energies, the pureness of creativity and soulful living. Connect with us @maisonbliss17 and join our #MYBLISS17 movement!

Meet BLISS...

Meet BLISS...

Meet the creative mind behind MAISON BLISS N°17 and get inspired by her ♡ BLISS story!

Our BLISS story

Join our BLISS tribe!

If there is one thing that we noticed, it is that BLISS is contagious! Once you grasp what BLISS is and start to open your ♡ heart to it, you'll see it everywhere... Join us on our BLISS journey and start creating your own beautiful BLISS history.

Our mission is to create a BLISS movement #MYBLISS17 that makes people aware of, and appreciate, the BLISS (already) present in their lives. This way we motivate others to send positive energy into this world, simply by finding and sharing their BLISS. A small gesture, with a big effect on ourselves and those around us.

Support our BLISS movement by spreading your BLISS moments, treasure and tips! Follow & Tag @maisonbliss17 and use #MYBLISS17 to share your BLISS!

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