"Style is created from the ♡ heart and beauty is perceived in what connects with the soul." - Founder MAISON BLISS N°17

BLISS history

"For where the soul is, there you will find your treasure."

Creative Energy

MAISON BLISS N°17 is a reflection of our creative energy. Creative energy is the purest expression of the soul. To access our creativity and to let it flow, is where the magic happens! It is our reason for being. It is what we are destined to pursue. It is our heart telling us how to design our future. Creativity is an active force, it has the ability to heal, expand and transform. It is the expression of creativity that gives soul to this world.

Experience & Passion for Home Decor & Lifestyle

With over 10 years of experience within the Home Decor sector, living in different countries and after many adventures, the founder of MAISON BLISS N°17 is no longer in search of what she wants and needs. She is exactly where she needs to be, knowing what her heart and soul aspires the most. Ready to pursue her highest purpose!

A life changing crossroad

On the 17th of September 2022 the founder of MAISON BLISS N°17 arrived at a crossroad, which gave her no choice but to turn things around drastically. It was from that moment on, that the magic of N°17 started to happen, guiding her through.

A love story with France

A new journey started, driven by endurance, faith and a pursuit of happiness. Each challenge and experience formed a stepping stone. She decided to return to her beloved France, which stole her heart a long time ago and where she keeps coming back to. A choice, that opened the doors to new beginnings!

Creating a meaningful life

Following her BLISS, the founder of MAISON BLISS N°17 decided it was time to use her experiences, strengths and interests, doing something that is truly meaningful and true to herself. Something created from the heart and soul. She discovered the essence of self awareness, self care and energies. It was in this state of surrender, where she found her BLISS.

A vision made reality

While listening to the silence of her thoughts, the vision suddenly became very clear and was made reality on the 17th of September 2023 in de form of MAISON BLISS N°17. A meaningful BLISS moment on a meaningful date. A beautiful reminder of trusting the process and embracing the journey.

Time to Flourish...

MAISON BLISS N°17 is like a flower blossoming in a precious BLISS garden, dedicated to making the lives and homes of conscious souls more beautiful, joyful and authentic thanks to its presence. It's a celebration of life, gracefully valuing the old and enthusiastically embraces the new and the unknown! MAISON BLISS N°17 is pure, joyful and versatile.

Her spirit breaths authenticity, freedom and curiosity. It is about living in gratitude, enjoying the moment and finding calmness and beauty within ourselves and around us. It is about creating style from within, about awareness and connectivity.

Its time to flourish, making the world around us a little bit brighter and prettier with our creative energy and passion!

BLISS philosophy

BLISS philosophy

Life is about taking risk and exploring, about feeling and sharing. It is where we will find our true selfs, our BLISS. This is just the beginning of a new adventure, and we are looking forward to writing the rest of our BLISS history, together with you!

With Love ♡ BLISS

Who is BLISS?

MAISON BLISS N°17 is founded by BLISS.

BLISS is like a butterfly. Her spreading wings have become more resilient and beautiful, because of the experiences and transformations she has gone through. It has shaped her into the self aware woman she is today.

BLISS is a fearless warrior of light, a brave and energetic soul, with a keen eye for beauty and harmony, a profound appreciation for authenticity and a fascination for the deeper meaning of life. She is an inspiring, enthusiastic and free spirit who has treasure hunting, nomad living and pursuing a BLISS lifestyle in her blood. Her passion is in the details, enjoying the small moments and in creating a stylish home, filled with BLISS.

BLISS is a sparkling light around you. She is truthful, enthusiastic and compassionate. Someone that sees the sparkle within you, and naturally causes it to enflame and shine more brightly. She is a loyal friend, who gracefully and humbly walks the path of BLISS with you, into the unknown and towards the discovery that all you ever needed is already within you.

She experiences life intensely, she gets inspired by the world around her, and lets herself be guided by her intuition and the powerful energies that surround her. It is the source of her creativity, the burning flame within her, the driving force that makes her unstoppable!

Everything is connected. Everything is for a reason. lets take this ♡ BLISS journey together and find out where it leads!

What is BLISS?

What is BLISS?

BLISS is many things, BLISS is personal...

BLISS is reaching a state of perfect happiness and great joy, oblivious of everything else.

BLISS is the ‘still small voice’ within, whispering to us, reminding us to trust in our heart, to believe in ourselves, and to have no fear when we are facing uncertainty. Its mission is to forever inspire us, to reassure us and to compel us to the best version of ourselves.

BLISS is peace, getting to that place of needing nothing, being alone and being in BLISS, it's presence, it's reaction-less, It's the silence at the peak of the mountain.

BLISS is connection, it cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed. It is or it is not.

Find your BLISS and start creating from the ♡ heart!

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