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Sparkle your BLISS by ♡ supporting small and local businesses...

MAISON BLISS N°17 feels a strong connection with the brands that we work with. We selected them with care, following our intuition and eye for natural beauty. They align with our BLISS values and they inspires us deeply. 

We admire their passion to create beautiful soulful products and embrace their efforts to produce with respect for human, nature and ancient history. Sparkle your BLISS ♡ by supporting small and local businesses. Shop our BLISS brands in our online store!

Becoming a BLISS partner?

Becoming a BLISS partner?

BLISS loves ♡ working together with passionate, creative and inspiring souls! Do you think your brand or service matches our BLISS values and mission? Our door is open for new opportunities! Contact us and become a BLISS partner.

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