Petite Lily Interiors is now Maison Bliss N°17

After 10 intensive years of dedication, Petite Lily Interiors decided to close their doors at thé end of 2023 and go on a different path. We would like to express our gratitude for being a part of our amazing history and wish you a wonderful journey ahead!

Although our journey together has come to a close, it's not the end of Petite Lily Interiors passion and hard work. We are very excited to introduce you to MAISON BLISS N°17, who will now carry the torch keeping our Home Decor spirit a live and bringing it to its the next level.

With an abundance of positive energy, MAISON BLISS N°17 is set to lead you on a fresh adventure, seamlessly blending style and soulful living. BLISS is all about Sourcing home decor treasures, exploring soulful living, adding style & flavour to meaningful moments and creating nurturing self care rituals.

Discover more about MAISON BLISS N°17 at and become part of her inspiring, adventurous, and mindful journey!

Bon voyage...♡

Team Petite Lily Interiors