September 17, 2023

A feminine BLISS touch

A feminine BLISS touch

We love a touch of nature and delicate feminine details within our home decor… it is part of our personality. Elegant butterflies, exotic flowers in sweat color tones and beautiful singing birds is what specially makes our soul sparkle and gives us a sense of joy and happiness!

We had the great opportunity to give our personal touch to this lovely restaurant. Just by adding this amazing exotic wallpaper, and some matching accessories, we gave this lunchroom a completely new look. It doesn’t always require much to transform a space into something completely different. That’s why MAISON BLISS N°17 gives special attention to details. As it’s the details that make the picture, and it’s the details that make our moments special.

We hope to have the opportunity to add our personal touch of BLISS to many more lovely homes and public places! It is what excites us the most! Along with motiving you to create a BLISS lifestyle, living in the present and celebrating each day that is given to us!  

With love ♡ BLISS

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