September 17, 2023

A love story with South France

A love story with South France

If you don’t have an idea about your intention, your purpose, your dream, your vision, don’t go crazy forcing yourself to come up with something. Instead, do the contrary! Don’t think at all. Let your mind be silent.. go out, disconnect and simply be in the present moment, using your senses. Listen, feel, smell, taste, observe… and then see what comes up.

This is exactly what we did on our inspiring road trip to south France last summer! Going with the flow, without too much organisation, discovering new places and creating new experiences. It sparkled all our impulses. The beautiful country side with it’s wine yards and lavender fields, but also the forest, the mountains, rivers and waterfalls.. wandering through the streets of patristic villages, delicious restaurants, lovely shop book stores and interiors shops, meeting special people, and also the sometimes less friendly service was part of the charm... We all absorbe and went back home feeling recharged, inspired and motivated to start a new chapter…

We felt it was the start of something new.. the energy and creativity started flowing again and it didn’t stop until our vision was made a reality! Thank you, South France, for being our source of inspiration ones again! Our love story is not over by far... ♡

With love BLISS

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