Tell Me More

TELL ME MORE is a pearl among our brands. Their company spirit is honest and authentic, which is reflected in a gorgeous collection of natural products with a soul. TELL ME MORE interior decoration products have a beautiful (raw) structure, mostly in soft and natural (earthly) color tones with rustic motifs combined with the simplicity of Scandinavian design.

The TELL ME MORE collection varies from rugs, stonewashed bedding, (knitted) plaid and throws, (knitted) cushions and small interior decoration products such as scented candles and ethnique vases. Materials used are linen, wool, cotton, hemp, ceramic and concrete.

We especially love the TELL ME MORE collection of hemp rugs. Hemp rugs are sustainable and carry a natural charm. Ideal to give an ethnic touch to a Scandinavian interior. 

The TELL ME MORE collection matches very well with the interior decoration products of our other brands, such as the raw elm wood furniture by Snowdrops Copenhagen, the oriental lamps by Ay Illuminate and natural baskets by Bloomingville

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