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MAISON BLISS N°17 loves ♡ working with passionate, creative and inspiring souls! Creativity is an active force, it has the ability to heal, transform and connect in its most pure and profound way.

Are you a professional related to home decor, mindfulness living, leisure, personal coaching, self care or any other specialism that is aligned with our BLISS values & lifestyle? Contact us and lets see how we can join forces!


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  • Creating a Dream Life?

    Creating a Dream Life?

    BLISS would like to introduce you to the essence of creating a conscious lifestyle and how to manifest your dreams.

    If you wish to improve the quality of your lifestyle, stepping towards your dream life, it all starts with clear intentions and feeling the emotions that are aligned with these intentions. An intention is a vision a possibility. The moment you ask yourself: “What would it be like to be healthy? What would it be like to be wealthy? What would it be like to have a new home? Or a great job?” and you get this idea in your mind, that’s intention.

    Then you write down the details of your idea; “I want to travel around the world. I want to have great benefits. A great insurance. I want to work with cool people. I want to have a chance to be creative.” and you list all of those individual elements to fortify (strengthen and secure) your dream. The more you get clear on those details, the more your brain begins to work in new ways and the moment get inspired. You begin to feel what it would be like in that future. Your body is getting a chemical sampling. An emotional sampling. It is getting a taste of the future.

    The next step is to teach your body emotionally what it is going to feel like before it occurs. Ask yourself; “What it the emotion I would feel if I had your dream come true? Pretty excited? Joyful? inspired? incredible gratitude?” What is gratitude? The emotional signature of gratitude means the event has already occurred. And if you can hold on to that emotional state of gratitude, your body is living in that future in the present moment, and that’s when we begin to see the miracles happen...

    With this article we made the first introduction about how to create a mindful BLISS lifestyle, and how to arrive to a pure state of consciousness and gratitude. We invite you to follow our BLISS lifestyle journal and Instagram to explore much more on the subject!

    With love ♡ BLISS

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  • A love story with South France

    A love story with South France

    If you don’t have an idea about your intention, your purpose, your dream, your vision, don’t go crazy forcing yourself to come up with something. Instead, do the contrary! Don’t think at all. Let your mind be silent.. go out, disconnect and simply be in the present moment, using your senses. Listen, feel, smell, taste, observe… and then see what comes up.

    This is exactly what we did on our inspiring road trip to south France last summer! Going with the flow, without too much organisation, discovering new places and creating new experiences. It sparkled all our impulses. The beautiful country side with it’s wine yards and lavender fields, but also the forest, the mountains, rivers and waterfalls.. wandering through the streets of patristic villages, delicious restaurants, lovely shop book stores and interiors shops, meeting special people, and also the sometimes less friendly service was part of the charm... We all absorbe and went back home feeling recharged, inspired and motivated to start a new chapter…

    We felt it was the start of something new.. the energy and creativity started flowing again and it didn’t stop until our vision was made a reality! Thank you, South France, for being our source of inspiration ones again! Our love story is not over by far... ♡

    With love BLISS

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  • A feminine BLISS touch

    A feminine BLISS touch

    We love a touch of nature and delicate feminine details within our home decor… it is part of our personality. Elegant butterflies, exotic flowers in sweat color tones and beautiful singing birds is what specially makes our soul sparkle and gives us a sense of joy and happiness!

    We had the great opportunity to give our personal touch to this lovely restaurant. Just by adding this amazing exotic wallpaper, and some matching accessories, we gave this lunchroom a completely new look. It doesn’t always require much to transform a space into something completely different. That’s why MAISON BLISS N°17 gives special attention to details. As it’s the details that make the picture, and it’s the details that make our moments special.

    We hope to have the opportunity to add our personal touch of BLISS to many more lovely homes and public places! It is what excites us the most! Along with motiving you to create a BLISS lifestyle, living in the present and celebrating each day that is given to us!  

    With love ♡ BLISS

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